Consultations: Given my age and my long absences, I will able to continue teaching and consulting; however, I will no longer be present as a general practitioner. To find a doctor who will accompany you regularly, I advise you to consult the list of “recommended doctors” on my website, starting with Dr. Andres, at 82 av Emile Zola, who has all my files.
It has been a great pleasure for me to accompany you and I thank you for your confidence.
Of course, I remain at your disposal.
Yours sincerely,

Teaching consultations: 82 av Emile Zola, 75015, Paris, by appointment for patients and therapists.

Year 2021

between 14h – 18h

Saturday: February 6th , April 17th , May 1st

Friday: March19th , June 18th